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Images for activity for front page

  • jackstoriesorg


    The activity feed has logged several test images as part of the test set up. The primary feed shows the images, but when placed on the front static page only the text appears. One plug in (post to pages) showed image space, so dropped that, went to BuddyPress widget plugin, and also shortcode for “BuddyPress Sitewide Activity” tried with all sorts of themes, other plugins, no help no images. Also tried viewing on other devices, browsers, size and post types.
    How, where can I find the ideal way to simply put the activity feed or at least the first few posts on the front page, and keep all the info attached? There seems to be tons of minutia detail which does not directly answer this probably common issue. Is there some clear tutorial /or article, that goes just a tad beyond opening set up (lots good to that point) and into the practical big picture application without getting lost in overt and likely outdated minutia?

    All new and updated versions, present Theme Spacious and tried on numerous themes with no improvements or apparent solutions (to me). ((Host-ipage, reinstalled WP, reinstalled Buddypress, deactivated all plugins, all with no improvements-Probably 40 hours of rework here!))
    Have searched the forums, and some stuff is unanswered and 4 yrs old. Really the structure of this forum format is really, pretty vague, and unclear (what am I missing?)- and this format does your concern no service at all, you are losing people and ultimately future profits and benefits. How does someone who does not constantly do coding for a living really get BuddyPress to function… or is this a lost cause? I mean it truthfully and humbly… (if not BuddyPress will probably end up in the ash heap only a few years from now, becuase people are putting up less and less with not-ready-for-public consumption apps in favor of things like easy video editing on smartphones, quick posting to many sources, and instant results for almost any function). Please is there some good answer, I hate to see this thing die. I don’t want to give up on this.

    Site at issue also same name as a FB 3000+ member page but was planning hoping to expand.
    Thank you,

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  • shanebp


    …you are losing people and ultimately future profits and benefits

    BP is free open source code. There are no direct profits.
    These forums are moderated by volunteers.
    There is no promise, explicit or otherwise, that you will get an answer.

    How does someone who does not constantly do coding for a living really get BuddyPress to function?

    The primary intended audience for users of the BuddyPress codebase: Site Builders and WordPress Developers.

    The widgets and shortcodes you tried ( BuddyPress Sitewide Activity ? ) probably do not include the images because widgets generally output a compressed view and images can take a lot of screen area. It would be relatively simple to tweak such a widget to include activity images.
    If you don’t know how to code, you can post a job here.

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