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Important question

  • Ofer1984


    I’m interested in BuddyPress extension. Basically, I’m looking for an extension that will allow me to manage a database of registered users of performers (like lecturers or tutors). Meaning that everyone who registers (after payment process) on the website will be able to create a page where he could upload details about his show/lecture/workshop and a picture of his brochure.

    A few things are very important:

    1. This extension must support Hebrew language
    2. The payment proccess (paypal, visa, mastercard,…) for the users must be short and easy
    3. After a yearly registration the user will have to renew his membership
    4. Does BuddyPress allow the administrator to sort the list of profiles (of all the users) on the front end by (a) ranking of other users and (b) number of visitors of each profile and (c) administrator custom sort (for example my recommandation who are the top 5) ?

    Thank you very much for your help

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