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Importing from EzBoard/Yuku

  • benjancewicz


    So, I have this truly ancient board (started back in 1997-98) that I would like to import.

    It was originally built on EzBoard when Ezboard was free.

    Then they upgraded to a paid system.

    Then Yuku bought them out.

    And now I THINK they may be on KickApps? Not sure.

    But the board is here:

    Is there any way to import the board into my fresh, new BuddyPress?

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  • r-a-y


    I remember the days of ezboard! Truly old school!

    You’ll need to contact Yuku support in order to export the contents of your board.

    That’s the first thing you’ll need to worry about.

    Second of all, since BP forums run on bbPress, you’ll need to find some type of generic importer for bbPress. This will have to be a custom job since there isn’t a built-in import function in bbPress yet.

    Not easy I’m afraid.

    And obviously you need to look on / ask at the BBPress forum for help importing information. That is not a BuddyPress subject.



    Thanks, r-a-y. I hope Yuku is nice to me…

    Sorry, DJPaul. My goal is to import it into BuddyPress, but I didn’t know if perhaps there was some kind of import plugin like there are for importing other blogs into WordPress.

    I don’t know what bbPress is either, but I’ll look it up.


    As I read your post, you have an old forum you want “into” BuddyPress. BP or WordPress MU aren’t forums. BuddyPress’ forum components are provided by BBPress.

    If you want to import things differently, you need to write your post in more detail and even then I doubt there’s any easy solution

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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