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Improved Search Functionality

  • Wythagy


    I have read a couple of threads, but not much has come from it. I am sure I can’t be the only one that would like some improved search functionality. As of right now, you can search for one thing and one thing only, but clearly, the ability to search for multiple search terms is ideal, otherwise I really see little use in the search bar unless you know a specific user’s name, for example.

    I’m half decent at PHP and MySQL so I would love to toy around with this or see if anyone has done any other work to extend this. If someone could point me to the correct files I’ll be more than happy to have a go at it (not sure how far I can get).

    Advice, comments, and support would be lovely ;-)

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  • gottlike


    I second this! An extended search function would be really great. Finding people based on interests, gender and age-span (e.g. finding single women interested in theatre, aged 30-50) would make BP so much more usable. One could start a dating site, or people can create groups and invite new members based on certain criteria.

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