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Improving the Buddypress User Interface.

  • Mohit Kumar


    Hey all! We must have a discussion to improve the overall Graphic User Interface of Buddypress. The theme released by Andy is quite innovative and it will be quite good if community can help and improve the basic UI.

    With help of RAY I have tried to implement a jquery based sliding panel, as a replacement of the bp – admin – bar.It does not look that much awesome though.There are lot of considerations that i have to take care of.

    You can take a look at the sliding menu bar here.

    Soon i will be providing the download link of the files used and a blog entry about the tutorial.

    My next step is to implement a fisheye menu in the basic menu bar.


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  • Kunal17



    Not sure what a fisheye menu is but I know I would really benefit from a tutorial to easily convert the default BP home theme nav bar into a drop down one. I am running out of nav bar space with all the new components being released and need to move some out of the top level into drop down.

    I look forward to your tutorial for the sliding sign in menu too. Have you got it to work properly with the BP signin component?

    Mohit Kumar


    You can view the fisheye component here Hope it will help if you use smaller images .The sign in is working fine.

    Mohit Kumar


    I am aggregating some good questions to make UI better , which have already been asked so that you dont need to ask again..

    How to remove excerpts from site wide activity?

    Hi Mohit, but where can I see the dropdown menu ? I cannot find it at your site.

    Mohit Kumar


    I am working on the interface..The previous one had lot of problems just fixing them..Hope will be good by tomorrow.

    Mohit Kumar


    OK its done you can have a look.

    Main considerations..

    1. The menu are static.

    2. It is long- long list as there was no seperate functions

    3.If you add plugins like content and events you have to create menu on your own

    If any one can fix those it would be quite helpful

    download theme –

    View Demo –



    Nice work!

    You could probably make the menu smaller by removing the widget sidebar you have in the panel.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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