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increasing width of the sidebar in status theme

  • saukgp



    i am using wordpress 3.5 and buddypress 1.6.2 with “status” child theme. I want to know, how can I increase the width of the sidebar

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  • Moding this theme isn’t that simple, it’s a child of BP and wasn’t really intended to be modified as it’s a complete custom theme, in layout respects (colours/backgrounds , logosĀ  being an exception and user customisable)


    You could try adding override styles to style.css for #content & #sidebar widths ensuring they are more specific than the existing but when / if we decide we need to upgrade the theme the mods will be lost.

    Alternatively you could write a simple plugin wrapper for a file to run an wp_enqueue_style() function based on whether the active theme is Status.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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