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Indented Members List with Buddypress Template Plugin

  • TJ


    I’ve been digging through the forums and can’t find information on this issue.

    I am using buddypress to allow users to create public profiles for my college radio station. I have a main menu item that links to the /members page, but the problem is that each new member is indented.

    I am using the Buddypress Template Plugin to adapt my theme, and I suspect the issue is in step 3 of setting it up, but being a newcomer to PHP, I’m not exactly sure what that step is asking. Does anybody have an idea as to why the members are being indented?

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  • Boris


    You need to clear the list items.
    Add `clear:both;` to this style. `ul.item-list li`

    The reason this is happening is due to the child elements being floated and following proscribed behavior,escaping their parents boundaries, the li item height is less than it’s floated child element thus the li elements can’t float fully to the left as the child element drops below each list bottom edge.

    Clearing solves this but also containing floats does and ensures that the parent is forced to extend it’s boundaries to include the floats using ‘overflow:hidden;’

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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