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Insert BP registration form into Event Espresso user path

  • lolo84



    I’m running a webiste which is a marketplace for events. To manage the events, I’m using the plugin Event Espresso (EE4, version 4.9.38.p). To manage the community though, I’m installing right now BuddyPress and I would like BuddyPress to be the entry point of any customer Account creation.

    One of the tricky thing I’m facing right now is to insert the BuddyPress registration form into the user path when he is about to book an event. There is an option in EE4 where you can force a user to be logged in to be able to register to an event. You can also specify the url of the registration page where you want user to login when he is not and when he is trying to book an event. Please see the secreenshot below:

    EE4 back-end setting:
    EE4 screen when a user try to book but he is not logged in yet:

    And when I click on the “register for an acount here”, I go to the url I put in the EE4 settings, the BuddyPress registration form.

    My problem comes here: at this stage, when I fulfill all the fields in the registration fields of the BP registration form and I click on “create my account”, the system let me stay on this page, although I would like to go back to the EE4 step in order to finish to book my event. In fact, I would like to redirect the user to EE4 user booking event path when he just created his account via BP registration form when he comes to this form by passing through the first steps of the EE4 event booking.

    Did anybody faced this kind of problem once? Could you help me?

    WordPress version: WordPress 4.7.4
    BuddyPress version: BuddyPress 2.8.2
    website link:

    Thanks you very much in advance!

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