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Installed a theme error

  • Hi

    I just installed a theme ( Avenue K9 )downloaded from the themes page, and when I loaded it I got a message saying it had no template. Was the download corrupted or did I do something wrong?

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  • Jeff Sayre


    Which version of WordPress MU and BuddyPress are you using? From where did you download the Avenue K9 theme?

    Have you seen this BP thread?

    i thought about taking that completely off the d/l list, but it looks like there are still some people who might need it! well, in case you are running BP 1.0 or earlier — where you’re using two themes to style bp (home + members) — you can find the downloadable version here…

    I’m using the latest version available on site to download WordPress MU and buddypress.

    WordPress MU

    Buddypress 1.1.2

    @ Jeff Sayre Michael Kuhlmann thank you

    I downloaded and works greats :)

    Damn, themes not working anymore. All I have is a blank page. I uploaded the theme package to wp-content/themes.

    Did I do something wrong?

    Jeff Sayre


    What changed between your last two posts? Something you did caused your install to go from “works great”, as you indicate two posts above, to “All I have is a blank page”.

    Did you activate any plugins after you got the install working again? Did you modify any code anywhere?

    After uploading the themes to the server, they were available in “apearence” I selected and activated. Then I went to site admin -> themes and clicked on “Yes” on Avenue K9. The I did F5 on another FF tab to see how it did looked like, and got a blank page. The themes working at the moment are BuddyPress Default, BuddyPress Social Network Parent Theme and those that come as default on wordpress.

    No code was modified

    Jeff Sayre


    So, if you switch to the default BP theme, everything works fine. If that is the case, then there could very well be an issue with the Avenue K9 theme. Perhaps the designer, Michael Kuhlmann, can help you out further.

    OK, I’ll contact him. Thank you for your patience.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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