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Installed. Now, what?

  • SteveMann


    I am a newbie here; I have never used WordPress before. I am trying to move away from PHPBB because it’s just too old-fashioned, as well as difficult to maintain.

    So, I install WordPress on my GoDaddy hosting account, then the BuddyPress plug-in from the WordPress dashboard. I also created the Registration and Activation pages from the WordPress ‘Pages’ tab on the dashboard.

    WordPress 4.5.3
    BuddyPress 2.6.0

    So, now what? The WordPress page looks exactly the same as before installing the BuddyPress plugin.

    From the BuddyPress Settings / Pages if I click on “view” for the Registration and Activation pages, I just see the home page.

    The installation did create the .htaccess file in the root of the blog.

    So, what did I miss? Is BuddyPress even the solution I am looking for? (To replace my PHPBB forums).


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  • r-a-y


    If you want to use forums, you should use bbPress instead.

    bbPress = forums plugin
    BuddyPress = community plugin (member profiles, user groups, private messaging, notifications)

    You can use both, but if a forum is all you need, then use bbPress.

    I personally am not sure why you would move from phpBB. Installing WordPress just to use a WordPress forum plugin is not the best way to go about things unless you need to blog and use specific WordPress functionality on your site.



    I do have a blog on the WordPress site, so I was thinking of merging the two.

    How do I remove a plug-in?



    Login to the WP admin dashboard and go to “Plugins”.

    Deactivate the plugin in question. Then, you can delete it as well.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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