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Installing BP with existing theme

  • I have a limited amount of wordpress experience. I have an existing blog running on the latest version of wordpress, and would like to add BP as a section of that blog. I have a couple questions:

    1) Can I just use the Buddy Press plug-in with my exising wordpress blog, and make the BP features (social network, forum, etc.) available as a section of my existing blog?

    2) Assuming #1 is not possible, can I – create a subdirectory in my existing blog (the blog is installed in the root directory), install a new (additional) install of wordpress in that subdirectory, with a seperate MySql database from the main one, and run BP on that wordpress install. So, BP would be running in a subdirectory, on a completely seperate wordpress install and database.

    Is there any reason this won’t work? And, is there any reason that I might not want to do this?



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    1) Use the BP Template Pack plugin:

    Please follow all of the steps involved.

    2) Probably possible but will get messy trying to get cookies and login info integrated. You could try using WPMU or wait a few months when WP 3.0 is released and when BP is made compatible with WP v3.0.

    Thank you for your comments. They are very helpful. So, this plugin ( adds all of the functionality to my existing blog with no other files being installed? I won’t have to install another wordpress for BP, or anything?

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    Yes, that’s correct.

    Thank you. The person that did our theme has always said that running a forum from a plug-in is not a good idea. So, I have emailed him to see if he sees any compatibility issues with this plug-in. But, I assume that since Buddy Press is from the people at WordPress, it should work fine.



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    okay, I am and I had and have theme I like – with an up to date basic WP theme. I installed your theme pack plug in and followed instructions. Now of course I am stuck. I have made progress and am really trying to get this to work. The current problem is the activity page. My blog is sitting now in the home page and I know the activity page needs to. How do I do that? And for heavens sake what do you mean by enable registration?

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    I’m wondering if someone has tried to add BP template pack to Atahualpa theme and customized the admin bar. Although BP installs seamlessly on following the instructions for BP Template pack, has anyone tried customizing the color of the admin bar, location etc. especially with the Atahualpa theme?

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    How do I enable registration using an existing theme but I have added buddypress and buddypress template pack and I don’t see where to enable registration so people can register and post. How do I set up my theme so people can register and not using the wordpress screen but another form and can also post? This is urgent.

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    In the admin sidebar click settings then general and on that page is a check to allow registrations.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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