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Installing BuddyPress and my site crashes

  • Maria D15


    Hey BP Support Team,

    I tried to install BP. When I activate the BP plugin an WordPress error report appears “are you sure you want to do this?” and “Try again”. If I do so nothing happens. Cant enter my dashboard anymore and had to recover my latest backup. It already happend 4 times. I also cahged to a default theme and tried again.Same happend. Dont know what to do. Need help.

    Thanks a lot!


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  • danbp


    this error message are you sure you want to do this? is generally due to a js failure, some nonce who doesn’t operate in time and order or so.

    Deactivate all plugins from FTP (just rename the plugin folder) as you can’t access your dashbord.
    Go back to your site and check that any thing is working in WP. Activate one of the wp theme: 2013 or 2014. Re check.

    Go to dashboard > pages and delete all bp related pages. Don’t forget to clear also (important) the trash after that.

    Now you have to create a new plugins folder on FTP (so you have an old xxxxplugins folder with your before used plugins) and a new one (named plugins), which is empty.

    Go back to the dashboard > extension and upload a new copy of BuddyPress. Activate the plugin, do all settings and see if it is working.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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