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Installing buddypress into a subdomain — help needed

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    Well when even the master ‘nicola’ doesn’t know how to fix this, I figured I’d ask here again.

    I installed wpmu 2.7.1 using subdomains, works perfectly

    I then created a new blog account ‘community’ to run buddypress from, installed the theme plugins etc and all seems to work with one big exception.

    no thumbnails show up at all, other than the identicon ones.

    When I click the ‘missing’ thumbnail image it is pointing to and says 404.

    If I remove the community. and just use the image shows up.

    Nicola said there was some way to tell buddypress that it is no longer on the ‘root’ blog but in a subdomain, but we can’t remember how to do that.

    What steps are involved to get buddypress to realize it’s now in a subdomain so that images will show up again?

    –I found one post that said to add define(‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, ’30’); to the wp-config file so I did that.. yes 30 is the blog id# for community so that part is correct.

    other than that, I could find no instructions anywhere here for installing into a subdomain.

    please help

    I just noticed is missing image remove the community part and it shows up…..

    however it’s still going to blog.dir ‘1’ instead of ’30’… i really think this is the problem but don’t know where to tell buddypress to use 30 instead if that is even the problem

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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