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Installing Buddypress on an existing website

  • bvirkus


    I have a website up and running that we’d like to load with Buddypress. As the site already exists, I do not have the ability to “manually” load WordPress as it is already loaded. Can I upload Buddypress or am I not able to do so as the site already exists?

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  • ?? BuddyPress is a WP plugin, if you have WP running then you can activate BP.



    The reason I ask is the install instructions are very specific that I need to “manually” install WordPress. When I originally set the site up I did so via a “1 click install” app via the hosting company. They indicated Buddypress will not work properly unless you manually install. Am I ok to just install the plugin or am I setting myself up for problems.

    The stock advice is never use 1 click instals, but try installing BP and see how it performs, trusting that you have established the WP install is working correctly first.

    Closing thread as OP opened essentially a duplicate later.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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