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Installing Buddypress with MSSQL using ProjectNami

  • ozbaz



    I installed ProjectNami WordPress edition Version 2.5.5 which incorporates WordPress 5.5.3 from I chose this edition since it is the only available version I could find which can run using a Microsoft SQL database which I currently use for my project. I want to use WP with my current project so I want to use a single MSSQL database and share data…

    I am using a Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise, with MS SQL 2012 database server…

    I installed some other plugins and can see that the related MSSQL DB tables are being created by these plugins but when I try to install and activate BuddyPress, it looks like everything is okay on the WP pages (says installed and activated) but actually in the background no BP tables are being created in the MSSQL database… As a result no BP related tasks runs on WP and each one fails returning an error… for example creating a BP Profile Field fails returning “There was an error saving the group. Please try again.”

    Is there a solution for this problem? Is there a different BP version compatible with MSSQL?
    Is there any way I can use BuddyPress with MSSQL? I found out some people online who were using old versions of BP with MSSQL but I could not find any recent information…

    I would appreciate any comments on this, since I am really stuck…

    Thank you

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  • lunamorte


    I have exactly the same issue, i found this because i look for “buddypress to ms sql” in google…
    Hope related problems solved here

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