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Integrate BuddyPress and Google Maps

  • astridwordpress


    I would like to integrate Buddypress with a plugin that enables users to create maps such as WP Google Maps such that users can create a Map and share it on their wall.

    I have two ideas: Currently only the admin can post a map that is made in google maps as you can see here:
    However, the second comment is from another user and does not work. It would be nice if the other users can post a html link or something that makes the map appear.

    The second idea would be even better: In WP Google Maps you can put markers on a website, however, each logged in user can put a marker on the map. I would like to enable usersto put it on their own wall such that only he can put markers and make routes. I hope to get some advice about possibilities.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Venutius


    Slightly different scenario, but I needed to allow users to create posts with maps and link them to other MP Google Maps maps. The solution I came up with was to use two maps plugins – Simple Locator, which allows users to add a site specific map to their post, and WP Google Maps. Simple Locator sets two lat and long fields which a custom function I wrote picks up when the post is saved and sets markers on the WP Google Maps map.

    I guess the key question is how do you intend to get the map into the users wall? Would it be an activity update that included a map or some other way?

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