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Integrate Listify theme

  • biloute


    hi there!
    I’m trying to integrate BP with the Listify theme.

    I contacted Astoundify support and they say most of the work is “a matter of supplying the necessary template files for BuddyPress” but not much support

    does anybody has an idea how to make it work? Did anybody succesfully integrated BP with this theme?


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  • jen000


    Hi! I am having the same problem. Did you have any success? I feel like giving up!



    Thanks to the member who got in touch recently offering to help. Unfortunately we had to give up on Buddypress and went ahead with WP Symposium. Not impressed with their support and we won’t use them again. If we have to use Listify and social networking again I will be back to Buddypress!

    By the way if anyone is thinking of using WP Symposium I would say don’t bother. The software itself is ok but looks basic and there are no demo sites (only their own which is on a basic free theme with no other major plugins and probably on a dedicated server). We’ve had to move to a dedicated server as it was so slow and we had big problems getting it to work with other aspects of our site. The support forum is closed so you cant actually see other people’s responses which would save time. Instead you just have to deal with one stroppy support guy who blames your other plugins rather than helping to resolve issues. We had to spend a fortune getting glitches in the coding repaired. Never again!

    Antonio D.


    Who have experience with listify and buddypress integration?

    We need some help. thanks

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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