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Integrate WordPress profile fields

  • Mark


    While working on the registration page for a new BuddyPress enabled WPMS site, it occurs to me that the profile fields between the two systems don’t automatically integrate with eachother.

    I didn’t see any other topics relating to this, so if I missed it, please feel free to direct me to those conversations! In the meantime though, it makes sense that this should be an inevitable feature for BuddyPress to work on – if we run a BuddyPress network with MS and allow members to have blogs, they are going to be faced with two seperate profile pages. The BuddyPress created one which defaults to just your name, and the WordPress one which has many more options such as web site, social networking links, and a short bio.

    I’d love to see a future version that automatically pulled the WP fields into BP, and cross-populated them between the two systems so that members are not wondering why they have to fill in such information twice. Anybody agree?

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  • Scotm


    This is a longstanding issue with WP/WPMU/BP. I’m not sure why in 3.0 the existing profile page wasn’t discontinued in favour of something that doesn’t require access to admin and that would be trumped if a BP install was present.



    I kind of figured there was slim chance that I was the only person to ever encounter this and wonder about it… in fact I should have looked on trac first before I posted, because I just discovered xprofile_sync_wp_profile() and ticket #2315. I’m going to have to look closer at it when I get time because this seems to be exactly what I’m referring to.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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