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Integrating BuddyPress with my current theme/ override members pages

  • gorviekin


    Hi there.

    I am currently using a non buddypress theme (Pulse radio theme) where you can upload music and visit other users pages/profiles. However this is not done through buddypress ( but rather (

    My question:
    Would it be possible to redirect users to my current “profile/user” (/USER) page rather then the new one buddypress creates (/MEMBERS)

    Basically i like all the features buddypress offers but need to keep my profiles/user pages as is, like how they came with the theme.

    I tried changing the buddypress “members” slug to “users” BUT this overrides my CURRENT themes profiles pages (/USER/username) and sends users to the new BuddyPress profile.

    How to combine my current theme with buddypress without overriding the current profile/music page created by theme’s author (/USER)?


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  • gorviekin


    If i can just disable the BuddyPress Members page/profile (where you see cover photo, feed etc) and have it load the default (/user/username) that theme is currently using instead.

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