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Integrating Curently Active Blogs

  • Firstly, hello to everyone, this is my first post/question…BuddyPress has been such a lifesaver for me, so thank you to everyone on here who makes it possible!

    One quick question….

    I currently have, for example, a site and a blog ( and I am looking to replace with an installation of WPMU and BuddyPress, is it possible to integrate /blog into this installation without any problems, or is the best option to export /blog as it currently is and then import it into a new blog on the new WPMu platform (my concern with this option is that maybe some of my useful plugins that I currently use will not work anymore)?

    Hope that all makes sense!!


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  • hyrxx


    export your blog to the wordpress format then install mu and buddypress, your blog can then still be accessed by /blog, but obviously you will have to import it first,

    most of the plugins will work with mu but some will not, i guess you can only hope and try them out

    you will need to add your plugins again, i suggest you add them one by one to see what is working and what isnt, hope that helps, let me know if you need more help

    John James Jacoby


    I had a heck of a time converting my install DB over to WordPress MU, simply because my WP export/import only worked for about 10% of the data.

    I currently have a setup like you’re looking for, from and I think I did this my chance, because I made a few mistakes in my transition myself.

    So, yes it’s possible, and it actually shouldn’t be too difficult if you already have WPMU installed on your /blog directory. If you simply have there, then it’s a little bit of trial and error and DB dumping and editing.

    The other thing I ran into as an issue were the attachments and their directories, and the associations for those files in the database. Example, saves files in the root/uploads directory, but WPMU saves them in root/wp-content/blogs.dir. That meant dumping the whole database to a .txt file, searching and replacing /uploads with /wp-content/blogs.dir, and then importing the whole thing in phpMyAdmin.

    I did it that way for myself rather than running any weird SQL queries because my site could afford the downtime and because I didn’t want to miss anything, causing bad image links, etc…

    Does that make sense?

    thanks for the prompt response!

    So generally the thought is that the best option is to export everything (styles/post etc) and then just create the new blog with the same path as the old one – sounds easy enough I suppose…I just hope that Subscribe2 works as I have quite a few subscribers to the blog that I don’t really want to lose!

    Ill post a link up to the blog etc when it’s all done



    John James Jacoby


    Most of the normal .org plugins will work in MU in exactly the same way. I have yet to find a plugin that I felt to be essential that didn’t.

    If you back yourself into any corners come seek me out here and I’ll be around to try and help out.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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