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Intermittent 404s on non-BP permalinks (Multisite)

  • Chris Burbridge


    We have had a very hard and confusing issue.

    We had a site (on Multisite) with links like:

    * /alumni-network/members [this leads to a BP page]
    * /alumni-network/profile [this leads to a BP page]
    * /alumni-network/forum (normal page)
    * /alumni-network/resources (normal page)
    * /alumni-network/help (normal page)

    From time to time, when users would try to access the _non_-BP pages, they would all of a sudden get a 404 error.

    When they would try to access the BP pages, these would still be accessible.

    Once this happened, it would continue, _until_ we logged in to the Dashboard. We even discovered that you only have to _try_ to login to the Dashboard to “reset” the problem, and then the other pages would show up again.

    It is not a standard “make sure your .htaccess file is set up properly”, because (a) the root multisite URL works fine: /alumni-network; (b) the BP links work fine; (c) even if I turn off pretty permalinks, the same thing still happens. It is not in this phase that it happens.

    Because I did not now how to _trigger_ this issue (I still don’t, really), I set up a request every minute to test for the 404 on one of our key pages. After _lots_ of experimentation, it seemed almost certain that the culprit was BuddyPress.

    Does anyone have any clues or suggestions?

    P.S.: Oddly, I noticed that the .htaccess file at the root of the multisite network has not ever been updated since I launched the site. How does BuddyPress “know” to translate its URLs?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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