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Invalid activation key

  • rsnipun


    I know this is an old topic and I have read all of these including all the comments.. My problem seems to be pritty straight forward, when I click activate link from the email it says Invalid activation key and ask for a activation key.
    I am using latest version of both wp and bp.
    I am using wp smtp, I tried all the usual like deactivating all the plugins and themes etc etc. But the problem remains the same.

    However, I found out in my database under wp_user the user_activation_key field is empty.

    On the other hand, on wp_signup table looks like activation keys are getting generated..

    Only thing I didnt do yet is reseting the database. ( Dont wanna do it unless its absolute necessaray. )
    I am not expert, but I can follow with a little bit of detailed instruction.. Can anyone help me out here? Everything else is ready but this..

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  • T


    Hi @rsnipun, did this ever get resolved for you? I’m in the same boat where users get the invalid activation key, and it’s empty in my database too. I wish someone from @buddypress could help! I can’t find a solution anywhere.




    In my case, it was some custom code I inserted. I am sorry I dont exactly remember what part of the code did this terrible thing and destroyed my 2 nights sleep. Hope that helps you..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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