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Invisibility of the options to access and register on smartphones and impossibil

  • paucompany


    Good afternoon. I have BuddyPress version 7.3.0 installed and I observe that on mobile devices, the access and registration options are not displayed (unless you put the smartphone in a horizontal position), assuming this is a big problem since users , nor can they access or register, as they do not see the option). I would like to know if you can help me resolve this issue. I also observe that it is very prone to attempted login attacks such as brita force, Ddos, XLS, etc, as it cannot change the registration path, not even installing the well-known Hide login plugin, as it is not compatible with BuddyPress. BuddyPress redirects by default to wp-login.php and if I install the aforementioned plugin to change the rita, when trying to register, and not finding it, it obviously gives me a 404 error. It would be interesting if they made BuddyPress compatible with hide login. Meanwhile, can you offer me a solution for the change of route?

    Waiting for your response, attentively:
    Pau Company

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