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Invisible names and Conversation between Deleted User and you

  • djsteveb


    I am seeing some members of my BP showing up in the timleline / activity with no name, just an avatar.. and when we private message each other, is says:
    Conversation between Deleted User and you

    They have no name set it seems – found this with at least two users today.

    wp 4.9.7 BP 3.1.0

    anyone else seen this?

    not sure if there is some way for me to search my users list for others with this issue, any ideas?

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  • r-a-y


    Check out the bp_get_thread_recipients_list() function:

    The Deleted User string is used if the user profile link does not exist. If the user was deleted, then it makes sense that the string would return 'Deleted User'.

    If the user still exists, your next step is to figure out why your user profile links are returning empty. Perhaps via a custom code snippet that is filtering the user profile URL?



    @r-a-y – thanks for the info!

    I tried deactivating most of the plugins, and then refreshing my inbox messages, and notifications.. they still showed “Conversation between Deleted User and you” and the messages are there – it’s very weird. The thumbnail of the user is still showing in the thread, and the message is there.

    Same after renaming the mu-plugins folder..

    I wonder if one of my plugins stopped info being put into the dbase – so deactivation them now at this point would make no difference in how I am seeing them?

    I am running this old network discussions plugin that was cobbled in a hurry – made to prevent user’s email and ip from showing up in comment notifications to the MU sub-blogs/aka sites – wonder if some 2014 code it affecting writes. I could post the code from that here perhaps..

    not sure if there is any way to scan for other users affected by this, so far I have found two in two days just looking at the site feed/activity thing, the weird formatting made me question what is going on (without a name there, things like thumbnail and thumbnail became friend or thumbnail thumbnail posted in a group looks weird.



    same problem here:

    To: Username1, Deleted User and You

    What’s going on!?!?



    I never did figure this out.
    I had another issue around the same time, which caused me to check with my host, and they did some DB checks and found a crashed table that needed to be repaired via mysql commands I think.

    It’s been a while so I am foggy as to whether or not that fixed anything with this issue or it was coincidence I haven;t gotten more user complaints.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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