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Is a theme made from bpskeletonmember (1.0.3) compatible with BP 1.1.2?

  • ThorosII


    My custom theme was made from bpskeletonmember. It doesn’t work with BP 1.1.2

    Anyway to salvage this theme or do I need to customize a new theme from the latest version?

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  • Jeff Sayre




    thorosii, it’s possible to salvage your deprecated theme (I’ve done it).

    But it requires a number of core, unsupported patches and it’s not recommended.

    Andy has mentioned that BP is not going to support deprecated themes moving forward.

    It would be best to do what Jeff has stated to save yourself the time.

    If you really need to know the how to salvage your theme (again I state this is not recommended), let me know and I’ll do a writeup.



    Thank you gentlemen.

    I would love to get my theme working via official means. I’ve tried for a few weeks now to follow Jeff’s instructions (which he has kindly provided to me for the third time above) with no luck.

    Because all my bp CSS and formatting is written for the now deprecated bpskeletonmember theme, following the “I’ve used a WordPress theme for my blog with the default BuddyPress member theme” instructions from the above link results in a member theme without my CSS after I delete the bp-themes directory. That’s why I was asking how to salvage the deprecated theme. I’m a little desperate now as I only have until weeks end to work on this.



    I’d rebuild it from ground up with some WP-theme that you like and that looks similar to the one you use now.

    I used the P2-theme and modified it to my liking. There’s lot to be done with my custom made theme. But it’s not impossible if you’ve got enough knowledge to make the original 1.0-theme like you seem to have done.

    From the codex:

    “If you decide that you’d like to change something in a template file, just copy the file from /bp-sn-parent/ and paste it into your theme. This file in your theme will now override the one in /bp-sn-parent/. Again, you should never edit any files in /bp-sn-parent/.”

    So paste all that inside a working WP theme and then make the custom CSS that you need.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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