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Is buddypress 1.7 going to have share icon to replace bp share it?

  • charlietech


    I seen that mode have discontinue bp share it, I was wondering why? is 1.7 going to have icons already built in the actiivty feed for sharing?

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  • valuser


    Correction & Apology.

    My initial comments were correct and this plugin as far as i am aware works properly even on the iPad

    Set up:- WP v. 3.5.1 multisite, BP v. 1.7, Bbpress v. 2.3, Other Plugins: a lot; Theme: Child of BP Default.

    the temporary problems on the iPad were actually caused (according to me) by another newly released bp plugin that i was trying out. Once I deactivated that other plugin and cleared the cache completely Buddyshare worked properly.



    @modemlooper, I did the admin settings as directed. I had to go in and change in bp-share-it.php file to direct everything from buddypress-share-it to just buddypress….at least it got my icons to finally show.

    In Forums – it works, it expands and drops, but drops vertically
    In Groups – The Share Group Button works and it works horizontally like it suppose too
    In Activity – It shows outside the share button, but shows vertically.

    I just can’t get the activity to work, which sucks for me because that’s what everybody will be using. I just wish I can get this wonderful script to work for me so I can move on to the next task….. I REFUSE to Give up on this….. 😀



    The particular plugin that was causing issues (for me) on the iPad has been updated and the iPad issue has, as far as i am concerned,been completely resolved.



    Ohhhhh 😀 YESSSSSS!!!!
    It is finally working….I finally got my share button to drop down correctly.
    I had to change one little thing in bp-shareit.js from this:
    jQuery(‘.bp-share-it-button a‘).live(‘click’, function(){

    to This:
    jQuery(‘.bp-share-it-button’).live(‘click’, function(){

    Now everything Works PERFECTLY!!!
    Soooooooooooo Freakin Happy Now!!!!
    Thank you all for your support!!!!

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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