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is Buddypress exactly what I need?

  • I wanna authors of my blog publish their posts with Avatar. All and Active members be shown as Avatar list. Members could have their profile details certainly.

    So I am testing Theme Arjuna with BuddyPress Theme Compatibility. But members could not find where could add post on blog any more. It seems to be a SNS completely.

    So is that exactly what BuddyPress is?

    Should I use another widget or theme?

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    BuddyPress is definately what your looking for if you need profiles inside wordpress. But you will have to adjust your theme to be buddypress compatible before you can actually fully use buddypress.

    thanks, I did so.

    but how could admin & authors publish post on the home page?

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    The same way they did before, just go to wp-admin and publish posts like you used to do.

    BuddyPress only adds, it doesn’t remove any core features from WordPress.

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    The P2 theme has some elements of what you mentioned. It’s not a BP theme though, so you’d have to develop a custom theme. P2 is also used in the new version of the BP group blog plugin.

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    Pedro Miguel


    you can also use tdo mini forms and put that on homepage

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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