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Is BuddyPress my right choice?

  • kulpem


    Hi there,
    I’m about to start a project with many social features.
    In a nutshell I want to give musicians the ability to have online groups where they can upload their session or practice and have timestamp comments and approval from other musicians about the their perfomance.
    The content is Video/Audio and will be saved on youtube\vimeo\musiccloud.
    I’m looking for these features:
    * Groups (open\closed)
    * List of session\practice in the group
    * Group wall
    * Group discussions
    * Group users
    * Group invite
    * Session discussion
    * The ability to develop a unique plugin\module for my needs. the plugin must connect to
    youtube\vimeo\musiccloud API’s and play the video\track.
    It must also save the unique information (timebased comments and other fields) in a DB.
    * I’m going to use ElasticSearch server, so I need to connect to it.

    I have years of ASP.NET experience ,I already developed the first version of the service without many social features. I think I’ll prefer to have a great social platform and build my app inside the platform, am I right??

    Well that’s the basic, I’ll be glad to hear your feedback and whether BuddyPress is my best choice.

    Thank you.

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