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Is buddypress right for me? Job Recruitment Site

  • I have installed buddypress and am getting familiar with it, but I’m starting to wonder if it will do what I need.

    Basically I’m starting a job recruitment site and want members to be able to choose between being employer of job seeker upon registration. I want employers to be able to post jobs to global blog and want job seekers to be able to set up a profile for themselves and search job postings.

    any help is much appreciated!

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  • yadigit


    Buddypress is always the right way to go.
    I do suggest buddypress.

    In your case I would use a plugin that allows users to pick a group to join during registering.
    1) Employer
    2)Job seeker

    From there you can enable forums in the group that will act as posting for employers.

    That’s just a quick though off the top of my head.
    Buddypress if the quickest and fastest way to do something like that.
    I wouldn’t suggest any other way.

    Appreciate that @yadigit

    I really like what I’ve seen so far, but I haven’t been able to configure buddypress exactly for what I want. Maybe I haven’t got a good enough handle on how it works yet.

    I have spent a couple days looking for a plugin that would give me something like that, but haven’t found one. Also I haven’t found a way that I can have a global blog and allow some members to be able to post to it or a plug in that will allow members to upload documents (just work on group docs together or upload other rich media).

    I’m interested in continuing to work with buddypress and find a fun project to do something with it, but for this project I’m leaning towards Joomla! with a job component (built in integration for recruitment sites w/ features like resume builder etc…)

    Hopefully someone makes something like this for Buddypress soon – maybe one day I’ll be able to!
    Seems like a very promising platform, but perhaps the programming community needs to catch up to it’s potential.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.



    Ive worked with Joomla, Drupal, and tested pretty much ALL CMS, I found buddypress is easy to config. (once you learn your way around it.)

    As for as the global blog, I found a plugin that allows front page posting ( you could put this in a page as Post a Job listing, and acually make a custom page to display different types of jobs. (ex, computers, part time, full time) and have that as a required option for the blog posting.

    I wish you best of luck to your site! =D

    Roger Coathup


    We have job postings and different user roles running on a couple of our BuddyPress based websites.

    Essentially though, it’s a task that requires a skilled developer, rather than being a simple configuration.

    You’ll need a bespoke build – in our case, we have our own custom post types for jobs, use WordPress user roles & capabilities to differentiate between user types, and ‘hook’ them in to BuddyPress as a new component. For the bells and whistles, we also integrate payments and cron jobs to monitor and tidy up when job ads expire.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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