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Is Buddypress suitable for this idea?

  • mikem1986


    Im thinking about setting up a website like youtube/flickr but specifically for gig and concert pictures.

    People will be able to upload pictures of gigs theyve been to and other users who also attended the gig will be able to log on and search for the gig and download pictures of the event if ones uploaded for it. There will be a rating system etc and people will be able to join groups for the bands etc

    Reason being that i go to alot of gigs and concerts and sometimes my picture quality is not so good or my battery runs out on my digital camera or my mobile phone etc and it would be good to get pictures of the gig from different areas of the venue or closer to the stage or just have memories of the gig.

    Each user will have their own profile and be able to comment on other peoples pictures etc

    Is this something which will be possible with buddypress?

    This is just the basic concept, what do you reckon?

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  • hyrxx


    ever heard of last fm?

    they offer the exact thing you describe



    Im actually a member of lastfm but i wasnt aware people could upload gig pics and have them rated.

    Im also thinking about doing this with videos too but not sure on the copyright legality of that

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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