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IS IT POSSIBLE : BuddyPres + Job_Board + Instant_Messenger

  • dphelun


    Hi pressers , accept my apologies if this has been discussed already .

    I am about buying a premium buddypress theme, and i have a few questions i will appreciate if someone out there points me to the right direction .

    My target is to have buddypress plugin installed with a few target users. Also i plan to add a “Job Board” plugin and possibly an instant messenger plugin to the same theme.Not very sure how this is going to play out . Anyway

    1. Can I do this ?
    2. What is the disadvantages with such setup ?
    3. Will buddypress happily integrate with other theme as mentioned above ?

    Please any sincere response will be useful and appreciated .

    Warmest Regards

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  • danbp


    Hi @dphelun,

    – 1) no idea ! It depends of what you know about WP and BP, coding and templating
    – 2) see 1…
    – 3) in theorie yes. In real life… check the forum… and point 1.

    Don’t buy a theme before you tested your project with all plugins and fonctionalities correctly working on a WP+BP default install. Use one of WP’s default theme, ie. Twenty Sixteen or Fifteen. Or even all coming with WP

    This tests should be done on a test site (locally or online, but not on a production site)
    Default install, because it’s the only waranty for you and the project to work properly in a respecfull environment of WP standarts. Once ok you can jump to a premium theme if you estimate it is worth. That said many free themes are just ideal too.
    I would just warn you to avoid frameworks and page builders- specially because BP doesn’t use WP pages like WP does. Focus on the theme itself, and not on plethoric theme functionnalities. Theme is for layout. Plugin is for functionnality.

    About Themes
    you will find a lot of themes on the net. Most with nice pictures and impressive list of functionnalities and prices. Problem is that this marketing arguments rarely fit with a project. And if you’re unable to customize it, you go towards weird issues and will be lost in no time.

    About plugins
    Like for themes and of course your technical level.

    From what you tell, i would consider WP Job Manager and his (premium) add-on for BuddyPress.
    Messaging is included in BuddyPress, even if it is not exactly meant as instant messaging.

    But test the message component first as is before going further. And keep in mind that less is more.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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