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Is it possible in Buddy Press to give only permission to delete private message

  • Anonymous User 16484011


    Hi !

    It is possible in buddy press to private message delete permission to only admin. Not even the person who sent message.

    For example if any role’s user sent private message to anyone but after sending message they can’t see the sent message delete option.


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  • Anonymous User 16484011


    Thanks Very much for your reply prashant on my new created thread or topic. I got the solution. I am doing the same but it’s wrapping isn’t working and after your post of both the codes it’s working very fine.

    I think I do a silly mistakes. Like closing tags or dot or < / ? or somethings like mistakes. Thanks you.

    By the way sorry for the misunderstanding of moderator shanebp. I also create a new thread or topic and give him proper answer. for his narrow minded thinking.

    AND sorry again for my side and for me you listen that shanebp told you to go elsewhere if you provide free support for premium plugin.

    I am really very very sorry for that.

    Thanks and Regards from my heart.

Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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