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Is it possible in BuddyPress or plugin to generate unique code system for ….

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    Hi !

    I have WordPress site where two main user roles. Patients and Doctors. Currently in my site patients contact me and I refer any of my registered patient to any of my registered doctor. Now a days I use manually email sending method to inform patient and doctors. I used emails for two purpose – to inform and to keeping records. But it’s hectic.

    I think (it’s just my thought) I want to use unique code type of system. Where I give patient to a one unique code after its request to me and when he give this unique code to any doctor and When doctor use that code I,patient and doctor got a mail that code is used.

    So, I have track or record my transactions automatically. For that I googled but it’s shows me referral and affiliation plugins. But how it’s help me I don’t know. Also I have very little and basic skills of programming.

    Do anyone have any idea to do this or plugin name or anything alternative to do the same or any suggestion please tell me.


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