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Is it possible to customize/modify a particular forum?

  • Dia Ritoch


    Hello. Before I begin, let me inform all of you that I really don’t know any PHP :). I am presently working on our small town’s semi social networking site. Initially, I wanted to create a semi DailyBooth feature which means that there should be front end posting and image uploading and no back-end access for users. However, most themes didn’t allow me to pursue it: P2 does not have an image upload form although there is a front end posting, Buddypress P2 does have the media uploader but the process of inserting the image in the post is so inconvenient, lastly, there was this GTD theme which almost answered my prayer but after the image or file is uploaded, it only shows the link to the file but it does not display the image.

    The only thing I can think of is to create a forum. Mr. Boones already helped me with his forum-attachment plugin so that users can upload an image in their comments and forum posts. He helped me activate his plugin to only a particular forum, not globally. However, what I wish more is to modify a particular forum… i.e. no title , just the textarea and an image upload button just for the semi Dailybooth forum. Is that even possible?

    I hope you all would understand what I’m trying to say here :). I would be more than willing to elaborate further :)

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