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Is it possible to use BP just for member profiles and displaying avatars?

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    Lesley Austin


    I haven’t installed BP yet, but am trying to find ways to add member profiles and avatars for my members and wonder if BP might be good for that? I am creating a private paid membership blog through WP. I have been told that I could use a few plugins to, possibly, create member profiles, but I would love to find something in one place that is simple and elegant. I won’t have forums (conversation will take place in the comments of blog posts). I am used to Blogger with its Followers (now Google friend connect) and linked profile pages. I believe I can use that with WP, but am not clear that it would work in a private blog…so that is why I am considering other ways to achieve it, and someone mentioned that BP might help.

    Is anyone using BP in this way?

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    Tammie Lister


    You can use as much or as little of BuddyPress as you want. So yes you can just use the membership components – avatar, profile, sign up.

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