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Is @megainfo okay? Can anyone else provide BP Wall support?

  • granville


    Does anyone know if @megainfo, the author of the Buddypress Wall plugin, is okay?
    I love the Buddypress plugin but there has been no support comments from @megainfo for over a month. So I’m hoping that everything is okay with the developer and it is just that they are too busy to contribute at the moment.

    So as it is, does anyone else know how to work with the plugin to resolve the issues? I would appreciate hearing from them – I would be happy to contribute towards some of the costs of fixing the plugin, as long as it’s not through the roof.


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  • danbp


    If you want some help, please describe the issue !



    Hi @danbp

    Thanks for the reply – sorry for my slow response; I hadn’t selected “notify” at the bottom of the page.

    My main concern is that @megainfo is unwell – the support forum for the great plugin Buddypress Wall has been abandoned. It’s been 6 weeks and not a peep from megainfo. The support wall is here:

    There are several problems now reported there – mine is there also, and the link is here:

    If you are able to provide assistance, I would be very grateful



    @granville Hmm its wiered you should say that, i had that thought in the back of my mind too. i suppose sometimes people dont sit back and think that something could be up (me included).
    I hope the guys ok if there is indeed something up, but we can only speculate.
    It does seem odd to me why all the comments in support have been ignored after a release only weeks before??

    sometimes, developer might be so so busy on a new project and even have no time to check email.

    anyways, he run this site: so you can try your luck if you can get hold of him.





    Thanks @naljaping for the info. Though I couldn’t get the contact form to work for me, and don’t really want to sign up to the website to try and hunt him down, as it’s a community for French speaking Algerians, not people with Buddypress concerns.

    Hope that he appears again soon and all is well – I could really do with support on this plugin



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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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