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Is the approach to bbPress-plugin + BuddyPress integration up for debate?

  • Erlend


    I know the upcoming bbPress plugin is supposed to integrate nicely with BuddyPress, but I’ve no idea exactly how.

    Could we be let into the planning a little? How exactly will bbPress integrate into BuddyPress in the new setup?

    Two things are very important to me:

    Attach any category/tag to group

    In any group’s settings, the admin can add the tags and categories that will display all the belonging threads in the group’s “Forum” section. Ideally it would be so advanced that I could even set up a simple hierarchy of child-boards if I wanted to, so when I navigated to “Forum” inside the “Special Project” group, I might see two board categories (“grouped” styled):
    >> Troubleshooting (all topics with custom taxonomy ‘special-group’ and ordinary forum category ‘troubleshooting’)
    >> General (all topics with custom taxonomy ‘special-group’ and without ordinary forum category ‘troubleshooting’)

    Posting from within groups automatically adds appropriate taxonomies

    Following the previous example, if I opted to make a new post from within the “Special Project”, and let’s say I chose the Troubleshooting board, the custom ‘special-group’ tag and the ‘troubleshooting’ tag would be added.

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  • John James Jacoby


    There are a few possible approaches to integrating them together, and the ones you need are possible even today. That’s actually exactly how bbPress works in the WordPress plugin repository, attaching plugins to tags in essence giving them their own ‘forum’ in a sense.

    The first iteration will probably closely mirror how things work today, for the sake of it being an easy transition for everyone’s existing data. The last thing we want to happen is to force anyone to make changes to their existing setups. In future iterations we’ll include some options on how you want to configure them to communicate to each other. This may be strongly theme dependent though, since all of these components would need to have the proper hooks and CSS in place to style these elements correctly in any of the places they might appear.



    Thanks a lot, that sounds very manageable.



    I am very excited about the prospects of full integration of bbpress, buddypress, and wordpress as plugins. I am standing up two sites under wordpress with buddypress and am hoping the following will be true:

    1. bbPress will fully integrate with the WP/BP profiles
    2. bbPress will have the option of functioning and displaying as a standalone forum in addition to all of the groups, etc. ‘integration’ with BP
    3. bbPress will integrate with WP by setting up a forum where each blog entry posts to a subforum by category so that discussion can take place outside of the comments (separate discussion from comments in other words)
    4. bbPress will be spider-friendly ! This is of course a big one :)

    Thanks I am looking forward to this project . . .


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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