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Is there a definitive guide to editing the main navigation?

  • philipjcowan


    I know some html and css but limited to say the least concerning php. However, I have a BuddPress site I am trying to customise, but having a few problems.

    The main one is that I don’t think the custom tabs are very intuitive and means I will find it hard to recruit and retain members.

    Basically, I want the following tabs on my main navigation:

    HOME: a single, static page which non-members will see (a shop front, so to speak), but I can edit as is necessary.
    BLOGS: A place where members can come and…er, blog. My attempts so far to do this have failed.
    RESOURCES: This is basically the forums page. The idea behind the site is that teachers can upload resources, but with an excellent plugin, U BuddyPress Forum Attachment, I am able to transform this into just about what I want it to do. I can’t seem to get any icons associated with the uploads and have not got a star ratings in place yet, but I am optimistic on those minor points.
    HELP: I seem to have managed this, though with no facility to upload video or paste in code for YouTube, the help is rather static.
    MEMBERS: This is automatic and fine.

    I am using the default theme. I have tried a couple of others (even ones I have paid for) but not found them any easier.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Philip Cowan

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