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Is there a plugin that enables to insert images into buddypress posts/topics?

  • Iryna_B



    I was looking for a plugin that enables users to attach images into BB posts/topics. I found this one: GD bbPress Attachments, but as far as I understand the user can attach images only available in WP media library. I want user to be able to upload the images he decides. Is there any? I’m having difficulties finding one.

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  • tesargusmawan


    There is a lot of plugins out there.

    You can try RTmedia, Buddypress Activity Plus, or BP Gallery.

    I recommend Buddypress Activity Plus, because it enables you to post image, embed link, as well as file and video.



    it is not intended by default. bbPress use a simplified version of tinyMCE and image upload are not included, for security reasons. Allowing forum users to access the media library of all your site is probably not what you want…

    To the above mentionned plugins, there are also BuddyDrive and MediaPress, a new plugin who permit any user to upload media files (photo, audio,video,doc) to his profile page, that way it is very simple for each subscriber to share his stuff, even on the forum, by just giving a link to his media gallery.



    @tesargusmawan and @danbp, thank you! I’ll take a look at those plugins!



    Is mediapress available yet though? Im not seeing an option to download it



    @mmaccou i have been experimenting with the early release of mediapress created by brajesh at buddydev and it is a very promising plugin and most of brejesh’s plugins are very good however i would say that it is not yet where it needs to be for use on a live site as he is working hard to make it more complete but i have faith that it will be the best media plugin when its finished and not in the beta stages

    i myself would try rtmedia for the free version for now if it works for you because i have tried every single media plugin and none are really that great at the minute, activity plus is an awesome plugin but for some reason the guys at wpmu dev do not see the need even though many many many people have already asked about them including a gallery so that the images the user posts in the stream or in a group are linked to a user and they dont just get lost in the stream forever like they do now, why they dont add this feature is beyond me tbh?

    i cannot use rtmedia myself even though i would do if i could, because it clashes with a custom plugin i have that i need and both the rtmedia team and my plugin dev cant fix the issue between them lol so its one or the other

    i was using buddydevs other media plugin that is paid for bpgallery which i cannot recommend even though it was a brilliant plugin it stops working on the latest buddypress and i think brajesh hasnt updated it due to working on mediapress to replace it, i do have another plugin that i have been helping test out that noone else has got due to it being discontinued but i have been helping a dev test it while he fixes it bits at a time and this even includes tagging, but again its not ready for a live site release, its so frustrating about the lack of fully functional media plugins and i hear ya, i know there is a frk of buddypics by modemlooper that also works quite well but again its very limited in what it can do, hope this helps you a little and saves you the time i have spent looking for solutions that i am not yet 100 percent happy with but have to make do with for now 🙂



    This helps a lot thanks!! I tried activity plus, but I didnt like the way it posted to the activity feed. Just posting the URL into the activity form that is standard with Buddypress works great for audio or video, but for some reason image URLs do not post. I would also like the option for the user to upload images. I dont want them to upload video since I heard the size of the video can cause other complications. I will try rtmedia. Hopefully I can find a way to customize it to only allow the user to upload images – and still post video via youtube or another site.

    Do you have any estimate for when mediapress will be available?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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