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is there any back up and restore plugin exist

  • i have been in field of open source for last three years created many site with joomla but never given a full fledge try to wp but this time i am really impressed and i admit that i was wasting my time with other open source now
    my question is is there any backup and restore plug in specifically designed for wpmu or buddypress i had used akeeba back up in joomla i just need any wp plugin for same functionality currently i take back with built in hosting backup software

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  • “specifically designed for wpmu or buddypress”

    There doesn’t need to be – just pick one of the many that grabs *all* the database tables.




    I think there should be an option to have an export of some type similar to wordpress to avoid backing up old or junk databases. This will allow to get a clean install. I think @DJPaul has this on his to-do.

    Regarding the ‘export’/’import’ of WordPress. At some point in the future when BuddyPress (may) use custom post types for (some of) its components, I hope that those components can also be exported without any extra work on our part. “For free.”

    As and when we get closer to doing this work, we’ll see best what the situation is.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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