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is there someone working on the BP_USE_WP_ADMIN_BAR thing???

  • as it’s not a “major” rework on BP to simply use the new 3.1 wp-admin-bar instead of the BP version, why isn’t it already included in the latest release, as there is already something to handle it? the code is not so different, we simply need to make a version for 3.1 … am i the only one interested in this?? i didn’t see anybody asking for it yet.

    i can handle it if nobody at Buddypress is able to do it… rofl there is just no action in where we would be able to handle it in “bp_core_load_admin_bar” … someone started the job without adding any flexibility for it.

    *(and yes i’m ahead of the timeframe, i don’t care, this question is not even in the roadmap, so i would do it if you don’t care)

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  • btw, half way done already… adding a action and generated the proper elements, adding everything in a new plugin. took me 10 minutes.




    If all you want to do is replace the bp-adminbar with the new WP version, simply add this to your functions.php file:

    `remove_action( ‘wp_footer’, ‘bp_core_admin_bar’, 8 );
    remove_action( ‘admin_footer’, ‘bp_core_admin_bar’);

    @pcwriter … my goal is not to use the original adminbar, but to integrate the whole content of the BP-adminbar into the original WP-adminbar instead of replacing it… making it more compatible with 3.1…

    btw, i did it… will release it on my site for support… until BP do the same!



    @nexia How about adding the patch to trac?

    because it’s not a patch, and i’m not using the trac… if the guys want it, they can ask…

    features added:

    1- activation of the “guests” adminbar, which show the login and register link link in the basic BP setup — disabled by WP 3.1, it shows anyway if we need it.
    2- options panel to activate #1 or more options, like the random links
    3- widget to move the adminbar to a widget in the location of your choice

    hum, i received some comment by email telling me i’m cheap to not deliver the code in the trac… come on kid, not even able to post with a public email… tssss

    the guys here knows me, i’m not new here, and i’m quite open to working with them… but instead of crapping the trac, i let the stuff available, and the coders can handle the work on their own way. my work is an alternate adminbar, not a simple tweak, as the old one is html based and my version follow the 3.1 protocol with the right functions ($wp_admin_bar->add_menu)…

    anyway… ;)



    I would like to clarify that I am not the anonymous e-mailer :P

    “3- widget to move the adminbar to a widget in the location of your choice” Awesome!

    Oh sure it was NOT you… i found who it was… more like a joke than anything, but seriously, sometimes, people think we all do everything for free… *(they don’t know who is paid working on this anyway)

    so, that’s it… i’m done with the adminbar, i’ll do the widget and may release it in the next day …

    sometimes, people think we all do everything for free

    That’s a consequence of working in the WP world I’m afraid and of gpl licenses and also of the majority not really understanding what length of work is involved in even the simplest bit of coding when one factors in testing / debugging

    Boone Gorges


    @nexia Open source community projects like BuddyPress are built by volunteers. That means: people *volunteer* their improvements, in the form of patches. You’re not under any obligation to provide a patch. However, it’s a misunderstanding of how the development process works when you scoff at the idea of voluntarily providing a patch – “i’m not using the trac… if the guys want it, they can ask” – as if BP is some separate entity with its own timeline and development roadmap. Instead, BP is made up of those people who choose to contribute.

    That does not qualify as “crapping trac”. It’s what Trac is for, and it’s how the project moves forward :)

    Anyway, if you aren’t going to make a patch, I’d love to see the code anyway – please do post a link if you decide to release a plugin.

    @Boone Gorges, sorry, you misunderstood… rofl… the crapping trac is me… i’m sure i will break something if i use that system… so instead of breaking something i offer my work, simply… lol i know what is the commuity, i’m within WP since day one.. lol and i broke things more often than needed, i can tell you.

    yeah, the first version of the plugin is already done, it’s simply replacing the adminbar call inside BP with my version, no hardcoding edits to do…

    for the guest side of things, as you know, no bar in WP 3.1 alone, and BP is providing a default one… here is the merge:

    andfor the member’s adminbar, a merge too:

    …nothing fancy, but that’s the first step here, options are made, will add them by the evening.

    a small detail has to be fixed when displaying a span into the dropdown *(see, “Blogs” has its count (2) below, making the next line crappy… ) this is WP css to be fixed



    @Nexia very much looking forward to this.. and I’m pretty sure it will be added to BP 1.3.. I think it’s a very important feature. On question.. could you change the profile link in the left-top of the bar (which also shows the gravatar) to show the user avatar and direct to their BP profile instead of their backend wordpress profile? That would be neat!

    Thanks for doing this :)

    and here, Boone, if you want to play with it:

    … it’s not a trac, i will update the archive when the menu for the options and the widget are written.. :)




    @nexia: your zip file seems to be messed up :(

    hum… doh.. rofl… edited



    @nexia: download works now! But when I try to activate the plugin I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /home/bowe/domains/ on line 24

    WP 3.1 MultiSite
    BP 1.2.8 :)

    hum, don’t know what to say, it works on my clean install… rofl… and it’s a basic function…



    No idea why that happens either.. I just removed the BuddyPress check and now it’s working fine.. Pretty great work nexia! Do you accept donations? if so.. where :)

    donations… am i supposed to have ticked that somewhere?… rofl

    … but i’m more into big salary with a stable contract… rofl



    Stable contracts are hard these days! But if you’re available for custom work I’ll point some people towards you through BP-Tricks.

    always… but we’re not in the right place to discuss that… rofl

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