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Is this hosting plan good for buddypress?

  • rickkumar


    Please advise if this hosting plan from mediatemple is good enough to start a buddypress social network site? It is $20/mth:
    What do I get with a (gs) Grid-Service plan?

    • 100 GBs of premium storage
    • 1 TB of “short-path” bandwidth
    • 100 unique sites / alternate domains
    • 2,000 GPUs
    • 100 databases
    • 1,000 email addresses

    Please help with the following questions:

    1. What is a “short-path” bandwidth?

    2. Will 100 databases be enough to host about 3 different buddypress social networking sites?

    3. How many MySQL databases a buddypress site generally needs?

    4. Will 1000 email addresses be enough to share among 3 buddypress sites? We won’t use more than 10 among the people who will have access to the sever backend. So is 1000 email addresses something we should worry about?

    Anything else I should worry about or be careful about?


    Thank you for your help.

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  • modemlooper


    you only need one database per install

    Ben Hansen


    gs is a shared environment as such it is not recommended for anything but private buddypress sites (maybe not even then). unlike other shared environments gs will not throttle you but instead they will bill you for overage the thing to really watch for is the GPU. WP+BP will use something like 100x the GPU of a typical static site when i used them on a BP site with about 2000 visitors a day about 2 years ago we were looking at about 200 in overage in the first month alone.

    #1 some media temple term that doesn’t mean much just think of it as total bandwidth cause thats probably what it is.

    #2 yes.

    #3 1

    #4 probably not but i’m sure you can buy extras. email accounts are totally separate from wordpress/buddypress accounts.



    Short answer: No.

    Go to webhostingtalk forum and register to find the best host.

    You can also fill out this to request multiple quotes from hosts:





    I had a gs BuddyPress site with 3,000 members and had no problem. You will not be able to run three sites on one grid. But I had to do major work on cache, minimize files and utilization of CDN

    You are better off going dedicated if you think you will have more than this.

    Ben Hansen


    curious what your daily traffic was like for that site.



    Thank you all for your help.

    It appears GPU (Grid Processing Unit) is something that only mediatemple uses and even after reading everything about it, I am not sure how much traffic can it withstand. I also discovered they charge $20 per backup snapshot which I believe is a lot.

    I will keep looking for another day or two and I will fill out the quote at webhosting talk and will go from there.

    Ben Hansen


    GPU is basically the same thing as CPU

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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