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Is this possible?

  • soapstreams


    I am trying to create a social network for fans of old soap operas to share their recording of episodes they have uploaded to YouTube. It’s called Soap Streams.

    I can’t tell whether BuddyPress can do what I need or whether there is a plugin or some added functionality that can do what I want. I want my members to connect their YouTube Channel(s)/Playlist(s) to their Soap Streams account so that other members can view and/or share their own YouTube Channel(s)/Playlist(s). Most of the plugins I have seen only do this for the administrator, not for site members. Ideally, when a Soap Streams member uploads a new video to their YouTube Channel/Playlist, their Soap Streams account is likewise updated. I can’t have members uploaded videos to my site, but I can have them link their playlists and channels from YouTube to their account on my site.

    Does anyone know whether this is possible or not? Thanks.


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  • Venutius


    There’s an old plugin called BuddyPress Links which allows members to add links to a links directory and then other members can vote on those links. I think this would probably serve a similar function to what you want. However, it’s out of date and throws a lot of errors. I’ve been working on updating this and have asked the developer the code can be updated. I think for your requirement it would still need some changes so it recognises videos and embeds the video instead of a static thumbnail for the site. I think this is the closest BP has got to delivering what you want easily.

    Alternatively there’s MediaPress which allows video links to be added to video galleries. You can also have a sitewide gallery that everyone can add videos to, this could serve as a basis for what you are looking for.

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