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Isolating member directory-related features

  • Hello, I have a client using WordPress that wishes to have a member directory. They are an organization of professionals and so they wish to have a section on the front end of their site that lists all active organization members. Some of the features include:


    – Membership application form
    – Searchable, sortable paginated list of members
    – Member profile pages
    – Interface for members to edit their profiles


    – List view of members (sortable, searchable, paginated)
    – Approve/deny interface for newly submitted applications
    – PayPal integration for yearly membership fees

    So, basically I’m wondering if BuddyPress is an acceptable solution for this. We would want to hide/disable a signification portion of BuddyPress’s features, such as groups, forums, and private messaging.

    Is it common to harness the power of BuddyPress for only some of its features or is it really only designed to be implemented as a full social networking solution a la facebook? If anyone could offer me some insight into this I would be appreciated! Thank you.

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  • ben-

    i have the exact same client needs – specifically the searchable, sortable paginated list of members. my client is a group of lawyers and i need to have their site searchable by their area of practice and by name of their geographic location.

    have you any success with this, or other help you could pass along??




    I am considering using wp categories and subcategories to use as the directory system, don’t know whether it could be the only WP with BP for this directory OR whether I will need a separate/new standalone WP installation (second wp installed in a subfolder with a separate members database). Logistically and technically with the WP Categories any advanced directory can be tuned up perfectly. Any thoughts on this anyone?

    * Unfortunately it seems, well at least to me, that this type of business directory program doesn’t exist. I was looking for a similar directory system you guys talk about, for builders offering their services to visitors on my site. It would become quite busy with us as I get emails regarding this feature each day. I couldn’t find any except one WP plugin however it isn’t being developed further nor updated on regular bases. Some one could make such a system really popular cause if you search forums you’ll see there’s a high demand for it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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