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it is just not working – is it the theme,. or?

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  • danbp


    Hi @samgeppi108,

    wow what a video you did for such a common issue. PBCAK ! Sorry to say that, this IS working but you haven’t completely set up the right component (profile).

    Now the good news. Take a breath man, you’re saved ! In 5 mn you can start your community 😀

    Connect to the WP admin as super-admin. Click on Users on the left col, and select Profile configuration from the sub-menu.

    This will open a window where you have by default only one group of fields named BASE. This group is the one showed by default on the register page, so new user can enter some information such as their name, and anything else you want to have in that place.

    If you prefer to let them complete their profile skills after registering, you should create a second group of fields on the previous mentionned setting page. You cal add as many groups you want, with as many fields and type of fields you need.

    Once done and saved, connect you as a normal user and go to the profile profile setting tab. You will see 2 tabs. Name and X, you just created. You can fill in the fields and save.
    If you go on the profile tab, anything will be on !

    Read here the documentation: Users>profile fields

    Keep the Codex in mind, because it’s the first place to go before coming up here to claim “it doesn’t work !” 😉 It does !

    // edit: beaten to it!
    You must determine if it’s the theme or not; this is done by reverting to a theme we know works with BP and those are any of the WP default series, ‘Twentytwelve’, ‘twentythirteen’. I’m afraid that nine times out of ten things will be a theme issue but also might be pluging related so ensure you disable all non essential plugins.

    One last thing to consider is whether the various BP components are activated, so visit the BP settings screens and check what is activated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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