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it redirects my user to wp-admin instead of homepage which i dont like

  • hi @hnla @paul gibbs …when ever my user sign in some times it directs them into their home page and sometimes it directs in wp-admin
    though i appreciate the hardwork of wp team bt still i dont want my user to view wp-admin area …my users have subscriber role how to stop them plz any 1 out there

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  • Brajesh Singh


    Hi Naved,
    try this plugin

    I had written it an year ago but it still works. Hope it helps. If it does not work. Please do let me know here.

    When you log in the default action is to return you to the index page, it doesn’t sometimes choose the index, home page ,sometimes wp-admin.

    It sounds as though you have something altering the default behavior a plugin? if so same actions apply disable all plugins until the issue resolves itself, now you know which plugin causes the problem – although in this instance it may well be apparent that there is a specific plugin in use but only you know that , third party plugins are very difficult to support and issues must be addresed to the plugin author.

    No we must establish what’s happening first, before throwing another plugin at an issue, masking the symptoms and never curing the disease. The OP’s question is not clear and raises questions about what is occurring and must be explained in greater detail.

    Brajesh Singh


    Agree with you. and btw, the plugin predates the functionality in BP. At that time, there was no such redirection functionality in bp.
    yes, I will advise to with the route @hnla suggests.

    @sbrajesh tbh when I read “into their home page” I imagined the OP might actually be using your plugin for re-direct but the post is unclear and needs clarification. It’s vital to try and get across to people how to perform basic troubleshooting so that they can come prepared in advance with the kind of detail that’s needed to help out.

    First rule of thumb is to disable plugins and return to default theme if the issue goes away then you know it’s either a custom theme or plugin issue then when the actual item has been identified questions can be addressed directly to the author or of course brought here.

    Brajesh Singh


    @hnla, completely agree about the trouble shooting steps. Since the code is spread in all the places(bp-custom.php/plugins/themes functions.php). It is really difficult sometime to find the culprit. Appreciate the steps you guys suggest and follow for the purpose. Let us have some feedback from Naved to find the error :)

    @hnla @brajesh singh i found the bug…its not in the child theme its the ” w3 total cache plugin ” creating all the mess in my site as soon as i deactivate it alll stuff goes normal & fine plz every one bring this into the plugin authors consideration …now
    and also wp block admin this plugin is activated after deactivating w3 cache plugin my users are directed to home page bt in this plugins line no 21 i had specified to redirect to about page ….and also when some 1 smartly typed or try to modify the url to get acces to wp-admin area this plugin should redirect that person to ” about “
    page bt instead it shows an error saying u do not have sufficient to access this page !

    if u guyz have any hacks plz tell me with details
    thnx in advance
    also grt thnx to @hnla & @brajesh for trying to solve my problem good work guyz…..this help means a lot to me !

    Well I’ve told you previously not to play around with caching plugins *shrug* you do not need to be caching. A well set up server will handle wp/bp just fine for a standard low to medium traffic site, only add this sort of thing when it becomes apparent it’s needed.

    Avoid too many plugins until you’re sure they are required, absolutely; it’s the weak point of WP :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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