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Janrain Engage tested?

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  • Roger Coathup


    @smuda – I don’t think it’s compatible yet. Have you tried installing it?

    Here’s a discussion thread on their site:

    You can also look at Gigya – try searching this forum, there was a recently active thread



    hey @rogercoathup,

    thanks for the link, i voted it up a little ;)

    now i have tried gigya, but it doesn’t seem to work really good. they also say that the plugin doesn’t support buddypress out of the box.



    I, too, commented and voted it up.

    BuddyPress integration is currently ranked as the 8th most voted for suggestion.

    Obviously, more votes will help persuade the Janrain developers that such an integration is worth their time, so, please do comment and vote if you want to see this happen.

    Janrain released it’s lasted version for wordpress 3 .
    From it’s news letter :
    “New WordPress Plugin
    The first version of the new Janrain Engage plugin for WordPress is now available. This version offers several new features including WordPress 3 compatibility and an enhanced UI.”

    But I like Gigya SSO rather than Janrain SSO.



    Hey @asshu – Is Janrain now supposed to be functional with buddypress?

    I have installed it .But it is not activate on my site currently as I am using another SSO module.I will activate it and come back to you after checking it :)



    I’ve tried. It freaks out and doesn’t work on either end. _hope_



    I have successfully installed it on – initiatially only with Linkedin enabled
    I found this video that explains how to implement it in wordpress / Buddypress

    There’s another alternative to Janrain. is new but they already have lot’s of cool features. Rumour has it that a WordPress plugin is on the way.

    As per @asshu comment above, Gigya is >15000$/year which is out of the question for most small/medium websites.

    Check them out at

    I was going to make a hack for the plugin and then I realized something simple: Really simple… buddypress signup is the same as wordpress signup. Here;s the solution

    voted x3 on this too!

    The other thing I was thinking about looking at was this….

    a one-off payment but I’m unsure how complex it would be to integrate…when I asked the developer about buddypress/wordpress they said;

    “It is very easy to integrate our code, we provide sample code in working condition. Once you run the code by settings the API configuration based on your account, you will be able to integrate with your code easily.

    Furthermore, we provide developer guide documentation and also tutorial videos too.

    Note: Please let us know if you need any help or further details.”

    ….not much info lol!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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