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Javascript Error – buddypress v1.8.1

  • joejozwowski


    I recently noticed that a chat plugin I am using (WPMU Dev Chat) simply stopped working. I was doing some heavy modifications, but nothing that should have broken any plugins. I contacted their support team and they notified me of this JS Error that was stopping the chat from loading properly

    TypeError: jq("#aw-whats-new-submit").on is not a function
    Line 73

    Not only is this issue occuring on the page where my chat feature is supposed to be, but on every page of my site. I know for a fact that the What-New button only appears on the profile page so you can update your status, so why is this script being called everywhere else?

    How can I deactivate it on every page BUT the user’s profile page?

    sitr url:

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  • I’m afraid the issue doesn’t rest with buddypress, we caught and updated the scripts to use .on which was introduced in jQuery 1.7 replacing .live.

    You need to track down whatever plugin or theme is using google to load jQuery rather than letting WP load it’s own copy as you are using jQuery 1.6 and currently WP natively loads 1.8



    It was the G.D. theme-functions.php that was loading 1.6 I haven’t had a problem until recently. Must have been that last theme update for some reason.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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