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Join button for non-members

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    l r


    I’m using wordpress version 4.2.2
    Buddypress version
    I am using a child theme of twentyfifteen.
    I can’t send a link to my site as it’s still in development.

    I have a list of public groups on my site, and I would like to add a Join button so anyone can join.
    Is this possible?

    At the moment I have to register, and then choose a group to join. Is this the only way of doing it?

    thanks for any help!!

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    Hugo Ashmore


    Yes you need to be registered before you can join groups, joining a group means needing to add the person as a member ID which they can only have if a WP registered user.

    There are plugins though that can do things like auto join groups on registration but to a pre-selected set of groups, if you wanted the user to be able to pre-select a group at registration you would need to write a small function to store a choice as user_meta or similar and recall that when the user activated their account.

    On a side note if you’re working up a child theme based on twentyfifteen it would be a good idea to be running a copy of BP trunk as we will introduce a new series of stylesheets for the WP Twenty* themes which may affect what your styling.

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    l r


    Thanks for the clarification on that.
    And for the tips!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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