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Join Group button on home page

  • Wayne Moses Burke


    Hi all,

    I’m doing something kinda crazy and could use some advice on how to make it come to fruition.

    The short version is that I want to place custom Join Group buttons on the homepage outside of a normal group loop. Do I have to write a mini-loop each time in order to use bp_join_group_button or is there some way to use that call such:

    If not, how do I do this?

    The long form is that I’m using BP as a central hub for a remote engagement event for NASA (awesome, right?). The home page is a schedule that is dynamically created from blog posts for each session. However, instead of the title of each post linking to the post, it links to a BP group (which have been renamed as sessions). This is all great, except that I want people to be able to favorite sessions (eg, join groups) from the main schedule.

    That’s what I’m asking about.


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